As recent fashion trends have made the corset popular- one can find them easily in the market. So what is the deference between an authentic corset and one much less expensive that can be found in many shops?

Firstly, an authentic corset cannot be made any other way than completely by hand. Each layer must be fitted and layered over the others. As many of the corset panels are cut on the bias, each corset layer must be molded over the other adapting the natural give of the fabric. Also working on the bias allows the shape of the corset to fit perfectly to your own curves after time.

The difference between a commercially made corset and one made by hand is vast. Low-cost corsets are priced accordingly. The old saying "You get what you pay for" really applies in the case of a corset. Commercially made corsets are mass produced garments and are not designed or for true waist shaping. These garments utilize no frontal stiffening busker, have cheap plastic and/or bendable boning, and factory standard stitching. As a result, they do not hold their form, and fail to provide substantial upright support. Most importantly a manufactured corset does not mold to the natural curves of your body like a hand made quality corset.

The lacking quality and poor support does not allow one to experience the many benefits of real corsetry. Consequently, these bustier-type garments are not capable of fulfilling the main functional purpose of a corset, which is to reshape, and enhance and slim the figure. Haseltine’s hand-made corsets are authentic and made completely in the traditional way.

It would be simply impossible to make a REAL corset in a factory or to be mass-produced. Our collection of hand made corsets is individually crafted to the highest standards by our skilled artisans, who have specialized in authentic traditional corsetry from 20-30 years. Many of our craftspeople learned the craft from their mothers and grandmothers.

Most pieces are one of a kind and can be considered a work of art. Only the finest European natural fabrics, quality materials, natural dyes and pigments are used. With a construction of several independent layers the corsets are made of multiple panels- using the inherent nature of the natural fabric grain for shaping; these consist of quality fabric, luxury linings, and a tight-woven linen interlining for comfort, good fit, breathable, and lasting durability. This construction including boning of internal stays, steel spirals, steal flat broad-rod and reinforced stitching- provides the inherent strength and longevity of each piece. The laced back is made of durable 2-part lace-up eyelets. This ensures a more reinforced, secured closure.

The noble materials, amazing craftsmanship and real attention to every detail makes for an unparalleled quality in corsetry that will hold its form and give you many years of satisfaction and pleasure.

Our atelier desires to create a garment that is a work-of-art and will be able to last more than a lifetime and be passed down through generations. If it is your intention to buy a real authentic corset- then we invite you to see for yourself.

There's no denying the difference in quality, craftsmanship and durability of an individually hand-crafted corset. We take pride in offering true quality corsetry in the most uniquely beautiful designs available. Haseltine corsets are not only hand-made in the traditional way by the best artisans in Paris- where corsetry is not just a craft, but an art. Beyond the real inherent quality- most pieces are one-of-a-kind. No one else anywhere will be wearing a corset like yours!